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Atex Touch Screen

Explosion proof / Atex Touch screen computer enclosures in different sizes and designs. All systems are available for hazardous areas (Zones 2/22 or 1/21) Depending on the specific application a standard PC or a remote station can be used. Mounting options inclide a support arm or pedestal.

The connection of the touch screen to the computer is via USB. Up to three interface modules can be used. To minimize the air consumption a valve module with a pressure-controlled leakage compensator is used.

This touch screen system works without purging, the elimination of flushing time and pressurized air makes the operation very economical.

- No need for flushing
- For  Zone 1/21 und 2/22
- Economic operation (pressurized air only for 6-10mbar overpressure
- Customized enclosure variations possible
- Resistive touch screen available up to 24“
- Use of standard PC or as Remote HMI (non Ex-devices)

Dimension (mm): 540*650*440 for 20“ model
Enclosure material: stainless steel V2A; 304L
Ingress protection: IP65
Voltage: AC 230 V
Temperature range: -20°C bis +60°C

Atex Touchscreen

- Pedestal
- Support arm
- Variable enclosure dimensions
- Stationary gas detector
- All Variants are available up to 24“